Shark Cap TableTM

Make a Deal and Keep Your Arms and Legs TM

Overview of SharkCapTable: FAST — LITE — PRO

The SharkCap Table Overview highlights some of the major components that make up the SharkCap Table.
  • Description of Tabs.
  • Description of the three calculators.
  • FAST - The notoriously powerful 1 minute deal maker.
  • LITE - The robust and full picture analyzing tool.
  • PRO - The elegant and complete cap table picture.

FAST: The One Minute Deal Maker

See how to sell shares and raise capital in under 5 minutes.
  • FAST talks to LITE.
  • Teaches you the fundamentals of professional deal making.
  • Grab FAST to rapidly shape a deal and give you perspective.
  • Print or PDF one page.
  • Send to prospective investors to generate interest.
  • Use during negotiations to standardize the discussions.

FAST: See how to Buy Shares and Analyze the Deal for Fairness

  • Teaches you how to bust an over promoted telemarketed investment.
  • Promoters always in a Telemarketed deal.
  • See how the promoters structure the deal so you never win.
  • Structured like most Telemarketed deals.
  • Keep your arms and legs and swim, swim away....

LITE: Structure Early Stage Financing & generate Executive Summary

  • FAST talks to LITE.
  • Founders and Management Options.
  • Valuation Section.
  • Deal Making using Equity.
  • Description of Capitalization Table.
  • Assembles Elevator Pitch.
  • Assembles one-page Executive Summary.

LITE: Use Royalties to structure Non-Dilutive Financing

  • Uses all the same data from LITE - Sell Shares to Raise Capital.
  • Deal Making using Equity and Royalties.
  • Generates all the same reports.

LITE: Compare four Pre-Money Valuation methods

  1. Shark Cap Table Method
  2. Venture Capital Method.
  3. Dave Berkus Method.
  4. Risk Factor Summation Method.
  5. Bill Payne or Score Card Method.

PRO: Equity & Convertible Financing with Preferential Sales
  • Sell Equity and Convertible Debt.
  • Dashboards optimize deal structure.
  • Voting and Non-Voting Ownership.
  • Equity and Convertible Preferential Sales.
  • Executive Summary with Capitalization Table & Description.