Shark Cap TableTM

Make a Deal and Keep Your Arms and Legs TM


Share Price $1.0400
Share Price $0.40000

Pre Money Value

Shark Share 78.2%
Founder Share 21.4%

Founders Lost control @ 21.4% to sharks @78.6% ... increase PM Value or decrease Shark Investments to regain control

Enterprise Exit Value

Shark Share $0
Founder Share $0

I-Mult 0 to 1 - Bad Deal - All Sharks Swim Away

Internal Rate of Return

Exit Year-1

Shark IRR Needs Exit
ar-up ar-down
Founder IRR Needs Exit

Over 100% IRR - All Five Sharks in Wild Feeding Frenzy ... More on their way ...

Investment Narrative

Cap Table Invest. Shares Post% Mult IRR

Enter an Enterprise Exit Value