Shark Cap TableTM

Make a Deal and Keep Your Arms and Legs TM

I Dream My Painting and I Paint My Dream

Vincent Van Gogh

Raising Money is a critical endeavor and it needs a numerical plan. Going into an investor presentation is the same as preparing for any battle. You have practiced with your weapon, Shark Cap Table, and produced the scenarios, which are your ammunition to get the job done.

The Shark Cap Table was inspired by the culmination of startup and business experience of the founding team of Bruce Badeau and Glenn Gutierrez.

Bruce is an experienced financial analyst and software developer. For the last 35 years, Bruce has been structuring companies for capital raises and developing custom calculators and financial projection software for companies such as Volvo, World Sky Race, National Algae Association, and many others through his company, First Sovereign Equity Research.

Glenn is an enterprising online marketer and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in search marketing and online media. His properties include top USA websites such as PopScreen and he's also a co-organizer of the Houston Lean Startup group ( where he mentors budding tech entrepreneurs, helps them raise capital, and enjoys eating out most nights.