Shark Cap TableTM

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Structure your Capital Raise by entering using 4 sliders and 1 spin button to generate a Cap Table and a written Investment Summary.

Shark Shares 37,500
Founder Shares 100,000
Shark Price $2.00000
Founder Price $0.50000

Pre Money Value

Post Money Value


Pre-Money Size
Shark Share 27.2%
Founder Share 72.7%

Enterprise Exit Value

Shark Share $884,000
Founder Share $2,362,750
Shark I-Mult 23.6
Founder I-Mult 47.3

Internal Rate of Return

Exit Year-5

Shark IRR Needs Exit
ar-up ar-down
Founder IRR Needs Exit

Capitalization Table

Cap Table Investment Shares Post I-Mult IRR

Investment Summary

Enter an Enterprise Exit Value

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Shark Cap Table MOBILE is the first cloud computing, deal structuring tool that fits any web enabled platform anywhere. Outline the rudiments of a deal on your smart phone while at lunch and then formalize it with a SharkCapTable Executive Summary when you are with your laptop…. all in the same day. Without the computational and educational capabilities of these tools, entrepreneurs are generally at the mercy of the professional investors. A must have tool for entrepreneurs, students, deal makers, and money people.
“I have personally witnessed SharkCapTable empower my clients with their respective investors. SCT is a powerful tool that will effectively structure your deal with equity and/or royalty funding scenarios. It also enables you to quickly and easily create an Executive Summary to gain early interest from your investors. Not only is the program easy to learn and intuitive to use, there is an abundance of YouTube video and popup help loaded with deal making wisdom. SharkCapTable will level the playing field and take the mystery out of deal making for you.�?
"When you are shopping a deal to multiple investors, the terms and numbers change freaking quick! Shares, control and host of other issues come into the picture and it can be difficult pin pointing how that affects the numbers and the deal in general. That's why you need the Shark Cap Table, it keeps the chaos organized!"