Shark Cap TableTM

Make a Deal and Keep Your Arms and Legs TM

Overview of SharkCapTable: FAST — LITE — PRO

Overview Shark Cap Table
The SharkCap Table Overview highlights some of the major components that make up the SharkCap Table. 
  • Description of Tabs.
  • Description of the three calculators.
  • FAST - The notoriously powerful 1 minute deal maker.
  • LITE - The robust and full picture analyzing tool.
  • PRO - The elegant and complete cap table picture.

FAST: The One Minute Deal Maker

Fast 5
See how to sell shares and raise capital in under 5 minutes. 
  • FAST talks to LITE.
  • Teaches you the fundamentals of professional deal making.
  • Grab FAST to rapidly shape a deal and give you perspective.
  • Print or PDF one page.
  • Send to prospective investors to generate interest.
  • Use during negotiations to standardize the discussions.

FAST: See how to Buy Shares and Analyze the Deal for Fairness

Deal Fairness
  • Teaches you how to bust an over promoted telemarketed investment.
  • Promoters always in a Telemarketed deal.
  • See how the promoters structure the deal so you never win.
  • Structured like most Telemarketed deals.
  • Keep your arms and legs and swim, swim away....

LITE: Structure Early Stage Financing & generate Executive Summary

Structure Early
  • FAST talks to LITE.
  • Founders and Management Options.
  • Valuation Section.
  • Deal Making using Equity.
  • Description of Capitalization Table.
  • Assembles Elevator Pitch.
  • Assembles one-page Executive Summary.

LITE: Use Royalties to structure Non-Dilutive Financing

  • Uses all the same data from LITE - Sell Shares to Raise Capital.
  • Deal Making using Equity and Royalties.
  • Generates all the same reports.

LITE: Compare four Pre-Money Valuation methods

Pre Money
  1. Shark Cap Table Method
  2. Venture Capital Method.
  3. Dave Berkus Method.
  4. Risk Factor Summation Method.
  5. Bill Payne or Score Card Method.

PRO: Equity & Convertible Financing with Preferential Sales
  • Sell Equity and Convertible Debt.
  • Dashboards optimize deal structure.
  • Voting and Non-Voting Ownership.
  • Equity and Convertible Preferential Sales.
  • Executive Summary with Capitalization Table & Description.