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Shark Cap TableTM

Make a Deal and Keep Your Arms and Legs TM

Talking Points to Improve Valuations

1 -- What problem are you solving and why is it important?
2 -- Why is your product awesome and why it is better?
3 -- Why will users pay for it and how much?
4 -- What is customer acquisition cost and the churn rate?
5 -- What is size and share of market you intend to capture?
6 -- What are your team strengths, and why can they do it?
7 -- What is level of competition? Never say there isn't any!
8 -- What are your competitive advantages?
9 -- What are your Strategic Alliances?
10 -- What are your Milestones and where are you now?
11 -- How will you use your funding? Use a Projection Model.
12 -- What will be your development and revenue milestones?
A good executive summary will use these talking points.